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Circumcision Palaver

Growing up, I couldn't say the male sex organ- penis, out loud. So I settled for pimpim, local government head quaters, John-thomas, winky etc Untill my sophomore year in college. We were randomly grouped for a seminar presentation and unfortunately I had no partner. I froze when I saw my topic as the likes of... Continue Reading →

Traffic Tyranny

The first and only time I was in Abuja, I experienced  a truckload of hold ups and out of the many many times we were stuck in traffic, 2 incidents stood out. Incident 1 There was a yellow light infront and 2 drivers were trying to pass before it turns red. The cars were neck to neck... Continue Reading →

In Your Little Corner

It starts with you, in your little corner. I have been sufficiently oppressed this week. I'm in school doing my clearance. I have to go from one office after another with a form and the office occupants are supposed to clear me so I can get my statement of result etc. One office after another... Continue Reading →

The one that lost her way.

As is in many nigerian homes, growing up we had house helps. First Victoria, she ran into the sunset with the man of her dreams before I had five teeth. She came visiting some years ago with 2kids; a son and a daughter she named after my mum. Then Julie came after Victoria. She stole... Continue Reading →

The Grumpy Traveller

I journeyed back to school to collect a recommendation letter I need for my internship application amongst other things. As usual, I went with the transport company I described here. This time, I arrived abakiliki late so my favourite seat was already taken. I was left with only the 2nd and 3rd seats at the rare end of... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: By Any Other Name…..

Howdy! Have I mentioned my first name is Rose? Yes. Rose. Like the flower. I always get the Rose-what questions: Roseline? Rosemary?  Rosalind? Roselyn? Maryrose? Rosemare? etc No. it is just Rose. I have never really liked the name and fantasied about changing it pretty much my whole life. I even told a bunch of... Continue Reading →

I couldn’t care less. 

It's not my fault you have a low self esteem. Really. "Oh if you achieve too much, men will be scared to marry you"  Seriously? ?? Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.  ... Continue Reading →

Saturday stroll

Today I craved bread, butter and tea for breakfast. We are required to send in our pictures for the departmental year book that will be released on induction day so I headed to mile one (a place with many stores) to get my pictures and buy the things for my breakfast. The studio wasn't open.... Continue Reading →

Quad F1: No Pure Breeds

Hi folks! This is the first friday of the year and the quad F series has kicked off. In case you don't know what I'm talking about- First fridays for folklore was birthed by her royal awesomeness👸  (Don't you dare act like you don't know I'm talking about know i am awesome😏) as a little way to keep nigerian folk... Continue Reading →

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